When a city calls itself a “City Within a Park,” you know there’s a true dedication to parks and recreation. And when you drive through Westerville, it’s clear—this is a city that loves to stay active.

With decades of citizen commitment driving its growth, Westerville has become a model for thriving, involved cities. Almost 600 acres of park lands in 46 locations, 12,000 street trees, 26 miles of paths and bike trails, a modern 96,600 square foot Community Center and some of the most active seniors anywhere—Westerville truly is a city within a park.

The Westerville Parks and Recreation Department works hard to maintain its legacy, receiving national accreditation 5 years and running by the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA), and being honored with the prestigious National Gold Medal four times for excellence in park and recreation administration.

Our city of 37,000 serves more than 850,000 people annually through services and programs for people ranging from preschool age to senior adults.

For more information on the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department, please visit www.westerville.org/parks.

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