Planning that big day. It’s the one dream many little girls have in common from an early age…their wedding day.

Months of preparation and excitement all culminate into a very special moment for a bride and groom. That moment came over the weekend at Everal Barn and Homestead for one of our very own, Parks and Recreation Facility Specialist Kim Sipe and her now husband Sean Stark.

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Kim began her career with Parks and Recreation in July of 2000, the same month the newly renovated Everal Barn and Homestead at Heritage Park was dedicated. This was the start of Kim’s love for the historic Westerville icon.

You can rent space from the Community Center, Everal Barn and Homestead, Highlands Park Aquatic Center, Park Shelters, the Program Center and even the Senior Center. In her role with the City, Kim is the first point of contact for most of these Parks and Recreation rentals.

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“Kim is essential to our rental operations. She receives hundreds of calls a week about rentals.  She loves talking to people about what the department has to offer,” said Parks and Recreation Facilities Operations Manager Katie Siroky.

In more than 14 years with the City, Kim has helped schedule hundreds of weddings at Everal Barn.

“No matter how many rentals there are, Kim always adds a special touch. She is passionate and super detail-oriented and it shows throughout the rental process,” said Katie.

So when it came to picking a venue for her own wedding, there was only one option in Kim’s mind: Everal Barn.

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“I grew up in Westerville and Everal is the perfect location. The grounds are beautiful, parking is great and the set-up is just what I wanted. Why would I get married anywhere else? It feels like home,” said Kim.

This sense of ownership of Everal Barn resonates through the entire staffing team.

“Everal is a unique and special place. Everyone who works at the Barn takes pride in the facility and treats it as their own. They really love and respect this location. The farmhouse and barn date back to the late 1800’s and are on the National Register of Historic Places, so they mean a lot to us and the community,” said Katie.

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Everal Barn can accommodate much more than weddings and parties. The site can host up to 150 people at a time during the week for businesses and organizations to hold meetings, team-building workshops and speakers.

“It is a great change of scenery for any type of event. The venue is affordable and flexible. You can even bring in your own food at no charge; and there is always a staff person on site to help,” said Katie.

One of the many advantages to renting Everal is the blank canvas you can use to fit your specific event needs.

“It is a prime Pinterest venue. You can do whatever your imagination allows. It is very picturesque,” said Katie.

Kim was able to add her own style and play off the rustic theme of the Barn and autumn foliage at Heritage Park for her wedding.

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“I’ve gathered so many wonderful ideas from other weddings that have taken place here and wanted to incorporate seasonal flowers and decorations,” she said. “With the leaves turning and the fall weather, it is the perfect time of year to swing open the barn doors for the ceremony.”

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On Saturday, October 11, that vision came to life. As Kim was surrounded by people she loves, a place she loves, and the man she loves, she said “I do.” A perfect example of the truly magical moments that have and will continue to take place at Everal Barn and Homestead.

Congratulations Kim and Sean!

For more information on Parks and Recreation rentals, click here or call 614-901-6515 to reach Kim (After her honeymoon, of course!)

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