Between work, running errands and getting the kids fed and off to bed, many days you are probably left wondering where the time is to recharge or even fit in a workout.

A new class offered at the Westerville Community Center aims to help ease this juggling act… Mindbody Fusion. The class combines a mix of Yoga and Pilates during your lunch hour to leave you relaxed but ready to take on the rest of the day.  It provides a complete workout with an emphasis on improving posture, strength, flexibility and balance.

Mindbody Fusion Instructor, Amanda Smith, has been teaching group fitness for more than 25 years. She has found working out around lunchtime truly helps power you through the rest of the day.

“Many people start the morning with a lot of energy and then fall into that mid-day slump,” said Amanda. “If you are doing chores, have to sit for an extended period of time or lift a lot for your job, a class like this breaks up the routine and makes you feel better and more aware of your posture.”


This class goes beyond just a workout. “Our days are consistently focused on our responsibilities and other people. It gives you time to focus on yourself and take a mental break from all of the busyness around us,” said Amanda.

For those unfamiliar with Pilates or Yoga, both forms of exercise have similarities but use different techniques to work the mind and the body. Yoga, at its core, is a fluid way of moving that boosts strength while focusing on breathing and how you feel. Pilates is centered on practicing controlled movements that develop the core muscles and correct muscles imbalances that could lead to injury.

Mindbody Fusion is a progressive class, meaning it slowly builds on exercises throughout the hour, weaving in and out of Yoga and Pilates moves.


Amanda has seen improvements in class participants in just a few short weeks.

“People seem more comfortable with the poses and can hold them longer with the right form, which shows they are becoming more flexible and stronger,” she said.

Elena Akers, a Mindbody Fusion participant, is noticing a difference too. She has taken other classes with Amanda and was excited when she was able register for this new one.

“I was really happy when this class became available. I needed to tone my back muscles and I knew this class would help with that. I am feeling more balanced and healthier overall,” she said.


The benefit of this type of workout during your lunch hour is you won’t be left running on empty.

“It is not a high intensity class so you won’t walk away feeling exhausted. This class enhances small muscles and body awareness so everything you do outside of the class is easier on the joints and the body as a whole. You learn how to properly engage muscles for activities like mowing the lawn or doing a boot camp class,” said Amanda.

And you don’t have to be a Yoga or Pilates pro to try out the class.

“If it is your first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable at first, even humbled as you begin to adjust to the moves. But if you stick with it, you will feel empowered from the progress you will make,” said Amanda.

A new session of both Mindbody Fusion and another comparable class, Lunchtime Power Yoga, start at the end of October. If you are interested in joining a class, click here for online registration or you can sign up in-person at the Community Center.

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